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Globalization or Nationalism?

The introduction.

At the start of globalization, no one expected the world would see an unprecedented increase in profits throughout the world. Globalization became popular over a 20-year span when it opened rapid communication channels between masses around the globe. This exchange of knowledge, trade, goods, and ideas resulted in the huge popularity of globalization.

Almost all businesses around the world are benefitting from this modernization and its associated rewards, such as – People can now communicate and exchange ideas over the Internet, markets can communicate with each other, international disputes can be resolved via online petitions and so on. Businesses are making billions, thanks to the rapidity of all types of transactions enabled by Globalization.

On the other hand, nationalism has brought about some major steps forward in world history. The process of self-determination and discovery of a national identity led Germans, Italians, Greeks, and Serbians to break free from oppressive regimes and, in the case of Italy and India, to achieve unification. China and India, two key protagonists of twentieth-century world history, are exemplary cases of Asian countries using nationalist movements to free themselves from the colonial regime of English imperial forces.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, nationalism was a way to apprise oppressive regimes that they cannot oppress people in the name of Caste, Colour or Autocracy. But, in the contemporary era, governments and extremist groups use false nationalist movements to create civil disputes and propagate hatred. 

The India chapter

Following an aggressive nationalist agenda, Some Indian political parties are backing some allied groups to propagate ‘Religion based’ aggressive nationalism throughout the country. Aggressive ‘Right wing’ movements like Ayodhya Movement (1992), Gujarat Riots (2002), Gau- Raksha Movement (2015 - Present), Ghar- Wapsi (2015 – Present) are some present examples.

The identity of Indian Muslim is at stake in a politically disturbed India and is only acting as a mere tool by political parties to gain authority through vote bank politics in numerous Indian states. Adding to this predicament, their own chosen leaders are not effective while laying issues relating with the community.

‘The Asian Giant’ – India is climbing high on the investment opportunities, countries of the world eying India for investment opportunities. Commenting on the latest event in the Indian economy, UAE aims to invest $75 Billion in India into various sectors with 14 deals in hand.
China’s Alibaba is investing ‘Huge’ in Indian private firms through strategic alliances and partnerships in various sectors. On the other hand, Xiaomi also started its production plant in India for the first time and accelerated production of Xiaomi phones in India itself under the ‘Make in India’ tag.

To name a few, Companies like Xiaomi, Amazon, Alibaba, Singapore-based Flipkart, Haier, Chinese phone maker Oppo and Vivo are investing hugely in India to reap great profits. The Government of India is also earning huge by commission based earnings and other related profits from FDIs.
But, unfortunately, India is also drowning into a political turmoil where the government is losing its relationship with different minority groups scattered all over the country. India is also climbing up on charts of hate-related crimes, hate speech and ignorance.

Once involved in the service of human, Spiritual leaders of the specific community started creating their own brands – which are ultimately backed by their followers. This is signaling that these elite saints have already sensed some upcoming trends.
In the name of Globalization -  We can influence any tom dick and harry?

The height of ‘Biased’ patriotic feeling and aggressive nationalistic ideology is creating a buzz in the Indian society.  Political parties along with business elites in India are exploiting their own people when it comes to the question of Nationalism.
Mr. Modi from the BJP government had done a great work for the upliftment of every class and creed of Indian society (As stated by Indian Media). He also works day and night for the development of Indian economy (As stated by Indian Media).

However, Mr. Modi has successfully shown the Indian masses, the real spirit of Globalization after his visit to western and eastern countries in his first interim year as the Prime Minister of Indian Republic where he chanted slogans of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ in his every itinerary.
Mr. Modi can still lower the negative effect of false nationalistic agenda, which is poisoning the Indian society right now. People from the specific community have taken ideology of Nationalism in a wrong sense and now they are targeting other minority groups for unnecessary stronghold and fearmongering.

Cases like Zakia Jafri, Najeeb Ahmed, Rohit Vermula, are still expecting fair justice by Indian Law. On the other hand, 11 people (Some of having relations with BJP Government) are booked for allegedly taking photographs of Indian Military bases, later they were convicted on the charge of having relations with ISI Agency of Pakistan. The question arises – For whom we are leading the flag of Nationalism in the era of Globalization? Maybe for the people, waiting for fair justice or for people selling the nation to others.

The current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Yogi Adityanath have come up with schemes like Romeo Squad which will target eve teasers in the region with the help of state police system. While his peer groups are ruthlessly targeting women on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The silence of Indian Prime Minister over atrocities relating with minority group is a coming danger.

The Arab Side

We have seen how western powers hijacked ‘Arab Spring’ and promoted false nationalist agenda among Arab youth. Till this day, alien regimes are influencing the Arab region, adding more problem to it. Disturbances in the Levant region are a fresh example of how powerful nations of East and West are taking advantage out of the ‘False Levant nationalist agenda’.

The Arab region is in shackles, where all sorts of political and economic disturbance are failing governments. In 1990, when the Gulf war started between Iraq and Kuwait – People watched the drama of ‘Muslim Nationalism’ on their television sets.

However, The Globalization phenomenon was already popular during the 1980s then why these Arab countries needed war at that point of time?

For political and economic gains, America – The Globalizer, intervened in the war and reaped great profits out of it, as Mr. Leonard Silk wrote in his article for New York Times on August 16, 1991:

Indeed, the United States made a "profit" on the war during the fiscal year 1991, which ends on Oct. 1. Total pledges from coalition partners to the United States came to $54 billion. Thus far, the amount received has been $46.6 billion, of which $41.8 billion was in cash and $5.4 billion in kind, especially fuel. The Office of Management and Budget expects that by the end of this year, cash contributions will reach $48.2 billion, bringing the combined cash-and-kind grants to the $54 billion pledged. (Silk, 1991)

Where are you Globalization?

We the people of the 21st century is tangled in hundreds of major and minor wars, then, where is Globalization helping us? In Value Chain, CSR, Positioning map.

Globalization is being propagated to end possible differences around the world, then why the states are failing every other day? It is very important to note that, Globalization is helping the rich to become richer, as almost all companies around the world are penetrating cheap labor by creating strategic alliances with each other.

This is a ‘Soft Exploit’ of masses who are not making heaps of money and contributing less in the economy. People are becoming more concerned with their company’s motive and mission. The companies in return are giving various benefits to its labor to retain them with utmost priority.

Observing various trends, Globalization only being used as an extension to promote business intelligence, labor laws, talent management and its related facets.

The world is so much indulged in Globalization then, why terms like National Boundaries, Nationalism, and Patriotism (In a negative sense) are still creating disputes and conflicts around the world? For example:

 The US President Donald Trump does not like the idea of Mexicans crossing US borders and enter US land, He is also banning some specific communities around the world for entering US and Brits into the White House.

It might be possible that Mr. Trump take Mexicans as a threat to US society and in the case of banned Muslim countries, Perhaps Oil might be the reason for it.
After all, he is a great businessman with good experience in manipulating and creating strategic alliances with other countries around the globe, not to mention some, Rich oil producing nations like UAE, KSA, and Kuwait of whose countrymen can travel to the US.

This white nationalism is negatively impacting the world where the US losing its image as a responsible government.

Powerful nations believe in the phenomenon of Globalization, (Taking India, US, UK, and Several Arab countries as prime advocates of Globalization) but at the same time, these nations are using false nationalistic agenda to penetrate their own people.

The questions of masses.

 Is Globalization only benefitting businesses around the world avoiding oppressed communities around the world?

Why are businesses around the world using Globalization for their own benefit? Where their Corporate Social Responsibility go, to denounce terms like ‘Aggressive nationalism’ and ‘Negative patriotism’?

Are governments all over the planet promoting Globalization only to fill their pockets?

Why not taking Globalization as the sole motto for India and other nations?

Why is the Modi government not taking a jibe on this ‘Made Up’ nationalistic propaganda?

As a lot of people are being affected by this, where the Indian masses are turning their backs on creating constructive policies for the upliftment of interrelated communities.
Where the Globalization goes, when Millions of people are subjected to mental torture due to a ‘Coming from nowhere’ negative nationalist feeling in some specific group around the globe?
Or Is the Globalization just a weapon for governments around the world? So that they can exploit their own people – Giving labor low wages and using their minds to fulfill their own motives?
Finally, every individual need to ask herself, “Is my government really qualified to govern?”
This type of propaganda setting is not fair – where a certain class of Influential people or families are exploiting masses in the name of Globalization. These elites use terms like Nationalism and Patriotism to shut down people’s liberty and aspirations.

Source - Wikimedia
No company or government taking responsibility to ‘Chalk out’ a fine line between Nationalism and Globalization as they do not want people to think critically. The best route, these strongholds have decided, to let people do their usual nine to five roles and stop doing an analysis of their surroundings.

When in need, these people might be used in the propaganda setting to start an another ‘Arab Spring’ or an ‘American Civil War’.

The opinion

 We should have Globalization of Ideologies, Globalization of Boundaries, Globalization of Problem Solving (Related with specific problems, communities facing around the globe) and Globalization of Minds.
That is why, In Islam, the word Nationalism is not promoted in a way, that people promoting it today to take advantage out of every unstable situation. We must decide, to where, we should go – either taking the path of Globalization to foster a great relationship with each other or taking nationalism as a sole motto to recognize national integration comprising of different communities.

The MENA, Asia, Middle East, CIS, LAC, Africa, Europe, and North American regions can work upon collaborative constructive policies to foster relations with each other and to promote a sense of integration within their people also.

If they fail to do so, the time will come when Celestials (Born after the 2000s) will stop recognizing phenomena such as governments and pressure groups. The depressed will rise after continuous occupations. 


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