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Segmenting Modi and facts - A Muslim's perspective.

For a person to understand, both his achievements and downfalls should be clearly pointed, In this piece, I will start from his achievements.

What are his achievements?

Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi returned from an official visit to Myanmar.  In Myanmar he visited some historical places of Myanmar and along with it, he signed economy strengthening pacts in the country itself. He also participated in the latest BRICS nation summit in the city of Xiamen, China. In Xiamen, several path-breaking initiatives are taken between BRICS member countries. Four major documents signed by the heads of nations in BRICS Summit held in Xiamen:

  1. BRICS strategic framework for customs cooperation.
  2. BRICS action plan for innovation and cooperation (2017-2020)
  3. BRICS action agenda of economic and trade cooperation.
  4. MoU signed between BRICS business council and new development bank.

 Apart from BRICS strategic plan and MoUs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the man behind demonetization, which is being heavily criticized for its failure among masses of India. He is also behind the GST implementation which says 'One Nation, One Tax'. In professional term, GST is a uniform tax system implemented in the whole of India, comprising of 30 States.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the person who was practically using the phenomenon of 'Leapfrogging' in his implementation of Demonetization at that point in time, when he announced it on November 08 2016. This leapfrog progress lead to a huge number of Indians use Digital Payments and Digital Transactions like UPI, PayTm, Airtel Money, Freecharge (Now a part of Axis Bank) and services like RTGS, NEFT and UPI based payments.

When I was debating with a senior of mine Mr Tanjit Singh and telling the exact same thing to him, for my surprise, he denied it completely and the best part of it is, he is not a Muslim! Yet, Denying? Amazing (At least for me). He stated in his argument:

    Paytm was instrumental in getting hold of the scenario of less cash and product itself. Its ease of use and usefulness were key parameters. It is almost a year now, I live in Kerala, People use Uber here but PayTm is almost dead.

Dead! Yes, he might be saying the truth because in his reason exaggerated on region-wide use of Paytm. When demonetization happened, people died, they suicide and they were cashless and between all of this, a part of skilled India also died. SMEs making locks, carpets, cycles, rubber, matchboxes are shut at that point in time and they are still shut, SMEs who managed, their quarters are shunned even today.

This SME sector comprised of skilled labour enjoys a big share of India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Surprisingly, The catch here is that Muslims comprise of this SME integrated a large pool of skilled labour working at the backend, they are nowhere now. From carpet industry to lock making industry, people are suffering in a big way even today.

But, after all, Modi has done a good job! (Sighs) This comes from a class of people who thinks that Modi is taking India to a next level. Cashless economy, colourful notes, start-up funds, digital India etcetera looks promising to them. It might be promising in the long run, but, the government clearly ignored 55% of its population in this move.

So, Where is he wrong?

2002, Yes! 2002 Gujarat Riots is an unfortunate phase of Narendra Modi, which can't be forgotten as per millions of Muslims (We are 40 crores in the count). Gujarat massacred led to his image become worst in front of millions of Muslims. The right wing of Muslim community sees him as the devil who has massacred children, women, men in 2002, Gujarat. Cases like Zakia Jafri and others are a product of this massacre.

However, he denied any allegation against him in relation to Gujarat riots and its aftermath. Rana Ayyub, Journalist and the Author of 'Gujarat Files' covers the scene in a very bold way. The book also being translated by Gauri Lankesh but she was assassinated by a specific group in her house on 05 September 2017.

 In 2017, Narendra Modi is being criticized by a bunch of senior journalists and millions of Hindus and Muslims in relation to his influence on social media where the Nationalist audience sees Modi as their godfather, creator and even almighty. This nationalist audience is so indulged in framing Modi as a noble soul that they have forgotten their own selves also. It is a creepy phenomenon materialized in 2017 where a certain group of people are working day and night like bond slaves defaming anyone who reasons with the government and Modi. (Do you even reason, bro?)


Who to listen? BJP, VHP, HM or Modi?

It is Mr Praveen Togadia, who taught me that in Islam, there is no concept of nationalism. In one of his interview, he said:

    Why Muslims will respect this motherland called India, when, there is no concept of nationalism in Islam?

However, the son in law of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and the former Caliph of Islamic State Ali ibn Abu Talib calls for respect for the nation you live. So, why Praveen Togadia schooling us on Muslim's nationalism?

Let's decode this, In Islam nationalism, is like:

  1.     You cannot eliminate diversity of the nation.
  2.     You cannot defame other cultures.
  3.     You cannot defame national property.
  4.     You cannot disrespect older and women.
  5.     You cannot assassinate.
  6.     You cannot mock on other rituals.
  7.     You have to respect people of your nation.
  8.     Try to eliminate boundaries as much as you can.
  9.     Let reason be sorted out in peace.
  10.     Speak for your neighbour. (Pakistan, but, it is harbouring terrorism) Let's choose Bhutan, country of Gross Happiness Product.

Yes, Islam calls for the elimination of boundaries as for when you eliminate boundaries and eliminate greed of land (Which is not even yours) then you will be able to represent the nation in a more prosperous way like Germany representing France and Poland representing Germany in various international and intranational forums.

So many points! In case, you try to explain any nationalist of India these points, he might get a cardiac arrest and die on the spot, because, this is the exact opposite he has done till date in its Godfather's rule.

 This is the product of influence, a nationalist is going through on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and maybe Snapchat as well. Nationalist are confused as they are unable to choose their Godfather, Modi tells them "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas"; Togadia commands them to ruin minorities, Hindu Mahasabha commands them to make the temple.

It is such an unnecessary chaos and workload, a nationalist suffers in India. Nobody is talking about India's development but we are only talking Twitter only. Media is telling us, "look there is a lake in the Sahara Desert" and we believe. Seculars (Almost Muslim) can't accept Nationalists (Almost Hindu) and vice versa in this new India. Through all of this, Escatology researchers and students of it (Like Me) came out with some surprising facts. Dr. Allama Syed quotes in one of his famous speeches:

    It will take 33,000 to 1 Lakh years to completely wipe Hindus from the face of India. 

So who to believe? It is high time that we should believe in ourselves and the nation called India. According to an estimate, It will take 33,000 to 1 Lakh years to completely wipe off Hindus from the face of India. Muslims are 40 crores in number, in the same way, it will take around 25 thousand years to wipe Muslims from India as well. If we go by this calculation, which eschatology researchers have predicted, Modi, Togadia, Shahi Imam, Maulana Madani (Villains for some and heroes for others) have to survive millenniums to make this dream come true.

 Countries like USA, UK, Russia and Europe are accepting what they are and still doing marvellously in different fields, on the other side, India - aggressive in development and chanter of "Vasudeva Kutumbha" is dealing with unnecessary communal spats, cow vigilantism, love jihad and what not? I also condemn radical values being inserted in the beauty called Islam, which, some scholars are doing in India itself.

Decoding Modi for you.

He will not listen to you, he will listen neither Hindus (Nationalists or Seculars)  nor Muslims and other minorities.However, In place of him, He has deployed a set of agents for both the communities which will guide them as per their needs and wants. Modi is here to create his name, not yours, of course. He will do whatever it takes to make India so powerful that your children and their children call his name with pride on international and intranational forums. He is like Indira Gandhi, "Devil for Sikhs but an Angel for rest". It is only this phase when people denounce Indira Gandhi, no doubt, as the present government wants her image and name to be denounced. (This is usual business)

He introduced one tax, he might announce one rule - one party one rule. Now, this is dangerous for a minority which is striving for its rights in 21st century India. Millenials in India are divided and these Millenials are so stuck in their daily routine that they won't notice the slow transition of government from a by party system to only one party system.

From wearing shorts to flattering big netas of BJP, The Prime Minister does it all, of course not to flatter any nationalist or secular but to create Modi, Narendra Damodardas Modi.

People are furious on him but Mr. Modi eliminated the concept of reply. Why people even block him, maybe he will reply in 'Mann Ki Baat'. They are always hoping something from him, while forbidding their duties to the state. (I am also at mistake). You can't eliminate the person called Modi, but you can do your good to the state. I don't want to conclude on Modi as i am still reading him.

    Muslims of India would also act as 'Slave' of Modi if 2002 didn't took place - Farhan Masood



11 Year old Rohingya boy thrashed in Nuh.

10 July 2017, Nuh, Haryana Aamin son of Amit Husain, 11 years old beaten by local people at Jogipur Refugee Camp in Nuh, Haryana. Community is blaming some locals for this attacked, In this hate crime by locals Aamin gets injured. Rohingya people came to India to escape from communal attack in their home country but sadly, their unfortunate suffering still continued in India.  Lack of UNHCR support to Rohingya migrants is a mere hopeless stage for their better future in India. The child immediately approached the local police station nearby but no significant action take by the police. Rohingya people demand help and support to ensure their migrant rights and fundamental human right for their better future. Myanmar government mistreats and denies existence of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Rohingya deserves justice and dignity as other human being in this earth said one of the Rohingya activist Mohamed Sabir. He adds that Rohingya are helpless people but they shou

Memorial Day 2017

Remembering true heroes. T he western world is remembering veterans and their service to the country. People are grateful to veterans as they have given them everything for securing lives. Veterans of USA have fought bravely in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Benghazi. Now they are fighting Daesh in Syria. The other side of Memorial day is to remember the fallen due to the same veteran and military mistakes in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria. Former President of USA admitted that Libya was a mistake and now US Military and the regime admitted that they had killed numerous civilians in airstrikes in Iraq. The USA fired 59 Tomhalk missiles in Syrian military airbase and later admitted that they had killed several civilians in the same. Source - Wikimedia Commons The US Military and its people should also remember the fallen due to US Military's mistake, Why there is not a single day to remember civilians and innocent people died in US air strikes all over middle eas

Why Qatar?

Much needed action. R ounds of allegations against Qatar is surprising in nature. The Gulf States cut ties with Qatar on grounds that Qatar is funding extremist organizations in the region. These extremist organizations include 'Islamic brotherhood' and 'Hamas '. This is the same Hamas which is the only hope left for the Palestinian population which is subjected to daily oppression by the Israeli military. On the other side, Saud government and Saudi regime which also takes care of two of the holiest sites in Islam cut ties with Qatar along with UAE and Bahrain. Saudi government states that it was warning Qatari agencies on their intimate relationship with Israel, Iran, and Extremist organization. President of the United States also tweeted on the situation in this manner: During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar - look! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 6,